product reviews

I am the proud owner of two Gussy bags. I have a lovely computer bag that perfectly fits my laptop and after I carried on forever about how much I adored it and wished I could take my computer to Target with me to show off my Gussy, my sister gifted me with a Gussy pouch for my birthday. Now I get to enjoy my Gussy bag every day. All of my purses are a solid, boring color so I love pulling out my perfectly patterned bag complete with the ruffle and button. I use my pouch to house my makeup so I can easily grab everything I need when I switch out my handbags. I fully believe that every woman can use a little Gussy in her life!
~ The Nester @ Nesting Place

I love my Gussy. I stick my little Bible in there, along with a notebook and pen, and it's like the modern girl's Bible cover. No more walking around with the handled, tapestry, maroon Bible cover! If I could stick Gussy ruffles on my actual Bible I probably would!! But, with the Gussy bag, I just stick it in my purse and go.
~ Hayley @ Tiny Twig

Hi Gussy! I got my package and love them!!! And let me just say that your headband is the first headband that I have been able to wear for more than an hour or two without getting a headache. I was risking it getting the headband because whenever a get one that's really cute I end up not wearing it because it makes my head hurt. But I wore yours ALL DAY LONG with no problem! Yay! And the wristlet is even better than it looked it the pictures. The colors are more vivid. Thanks Gussy!
~ Jenny @ Southern Institute

I don't take a trip without my Gussy. She holds all of my accessory treasures and makes me smile every time I open her.
~ Emily @ Chatting at the Sky

I first heard about Gussy through another blog and immediately had to check it out... and now I am the proud owner of 9 Gussy items. I use my laptop bag for everyday items. I also have found great uses for most of the products especially for traveling. Maggie does an amazing job and is so sweet to answer so many questions and so quickly. The turnaround is super fast!! I get so many compliments everyday and people always ask where they can buy Gussy. It's so fun to have things that you don't see on everyone else. If you haven't ordered a Gussy product yet you are missing out!
~ Neely @ Neely's Nothings

I received my bag on Friday and it is GORGEOUS! I used it all weekend toting all my girls recital stuff around. Can't wait to take it on vacation this weekend :] Thanks again for the custom order. So worth every penny.
~ Kim @ Cotton Blossoms

I just received my Gussy small zippered pouch in the mail and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! It's super cute! The bright, cheerful colors and that sassy ruffle make it so pretty and unique. Gussy does quality work! Even the packaging is totally adorable... all the extra little details and finishing touches just add even more cuteness. I want more Gussies!
~ Mama Pea @ Growing Sweet Pea

I love carrying my Gussy bag. The ruffle makes me feel all snazzy and pretty.
~ Melissa @ The Inspired Room